Uk National Health Services Under Fire Again


Living with cancer does not automatically warrant a death sentence. Cancer is curable and with correct medical treatment, it gives hope to millions of people diagnosed with this disease to cure it and extend their lives. For this we turn to the people we trust the most to help us, our medical advisers and the regulatory boards operating in the background.

Health concept Why Treatment Is Refused

One such institute is the National Health Services. They have been under fire the last few days for refusing a certain treatment to cancer sufferers. At the NHS, cancer is treated with one of the most advanced equipment to beam radiation into the targeted area. It treats cancers in the brain, head and neck without affecting the surrounding tissue. Kirsty Buchanan interviewed the spokesperson for NHS about the reasons.

The Work of the NHS

The NHS is committed to the health of the public. With continuous research and developments, they strive to stay on top of medical developments and offer patients the best care and treatment available. By scrutinising one incident that was justified by the centre, the public should not lose sight of the good work done by the institute. By keeping the public up to date on improvements in the medical field, the public becomes aware of different treatment choices and cures. Cancer treatment is only one of the categories which the NHS deals with.

They are also the largest employer of health professionals in the United Kingdom. Funded by taxation money, the institute controls many health institutes and offers various services.

Efficiency of Health Care Since the NHS Took Over Control

The National Health Services was launched in 1948 and has since then provided health care to all citizens, regardless their income, status or background. This is done with the noble viewpoint that good healthcare is a human right and should be accessible to everyone. Funded by money from the Department of Health, the NHS is in control of the healthcare of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. With the work they do, the health and longevity of the public increased, indicating their efficiency and success.


The NHS is clearly a successful organisation and delivers service of the highest quality. Understandably people with fatal cancers are upset about the beam radiation being put on hold. It is evident that the NHS carries the health of their patients on their hearts and in time the patients will realize the value of the decision.


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