The Early Symptoms of Breast Cancer


It is difficult to pinpoint the early symptoms of breast cancer because there frequently are no symptoms. The best way to keep yourself safe is to visit your doctor regularly for breast exams and mammograms. You can also give yourself breast examinations right at home. Your doctor can demonstrate how to do it correctly.

That being said, it is not the same for all women. At the very least, there are apparent symptoms as the condition progresses. Do not be afraid; that is a broad phrase which could just mean the progression from stage 0 breast cancer to stage I. One of the early symptoms of breast cancer is a lump located either under your arm or directly in your breast. If it remains there after your period, it could be a sign.

Generally, it will be painless, although you may feel a tingly sensation. Keep in mind however that these lumps can be found in a mammogram before you can feel them. You may also experience swelling under your arm, as well as pain or tenderness either there or in your breast. Again, it will be something that persists even after you have menstruated.

Another one of the early symptoms is your breast changing shape. Usually this means a flattening or an indent. You may also experiences changes in the size, texture, and even the temperature of your breast. Sometimes, pitted or ridged textures appear.

Your nipple can also manifest symptoms. Sometimes it changes shape, becoming indrawn. Sometimes dimples suddenly appears in or around it. It can also experience a change in texture, and it may even begin to discharge fluid. If that discharge is bloody or otherwise colored, that is a good indication that it is one of the early symptoms of breast cancer.

You may also feel something that seems like a marble or other hard object under the skin. Again, this is one of the most telltale signs of breast cancer. Never forget that a mammogram can pick up a change before you will. Regular examinations are essential – they can save your life.


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