Pro-X10 Review – Real Deal or Passing Fad?


Pro-X10 is a product owned by BioTRUST Nutrition and claims that it works wonders where weight loss is concerned. The aim of this supplement is to tackle the gastrointestinal areas of the body and supply them with good bacteria; this, in turn, contributes to the promotion of weight loss. BioTRUST has a good, reliable name, but of course I was skeptical when I came across this product because there are many that make the same claims, so what makes this one different?

Understanding the Stomach

To understand what makes this product different, you need to know a bit about the stomach. Firstly, within the stomach lies a good and bad bacterium. The job of the good bacteria is to keep the bad ones in check and these are also known as probiotics. There are many things that could end up causing the bad bacteria to start winning this gastrointestinal tug-of-war, but when this happens, it can wreak havoc on the body; this is where Pro-X10 comes in. By providing probiotics to the body, Pro-X10 helps to reduce the risk of ulcers, bowel inflammation and conditions that can end up leading to obesity.

What it Looks Like

I was pleasantly surprised to find that a bottle of Pro-X10 was actually filled with little capsules, making them easy to swallow, without the strange tastes that are so often associated with these types of supplements. I wasn’t aware until recently, however, that one of the reasons it is manufactured in this way is to allow the contents to pass safely through the GI tract and into the stomach, since so many probiotics are destroyed long before they get to the stomach. Ultimately, this makes Pro-X10 more effective.

Why Does It Work?

In order to ensure that Pro-X10 works effectively, the manufacturers picked the ingredients very carefully. Firstly, Actazin was chosen, which is a compound derived from the kiwi fruit. Most people are already aware of the many benefits that this fruit has on the intestines, including the promotion of healthy bowel movements. I found that this was quite effective in getting the job done; something which might have been difficult in the past.

Various strains of probiotics are included in the supplement, including Bifidobacterium lactis, and aids in optimal bowel functioning and Lactobacillus salivarius, which protects the mouth and S. boulardii, which increases the strength of the immune system.

Is It For You?

I didn’t try Pro-X10 because I was struggling with my digestion (at least, not that I noticed) or because I felt I needed more good bacteria in my system; in fact, I wasn’t even aware I had any issues until I started using it and then noticed the difference in how I felt. If you’re looking for this drug to start melting the pounds away, you’ve got the wrong product in mind. This supplement is not a miracle cure; it is just a supplement that will help your body function more efficiently, and when you use it correctly, you’ll notice a marked difference in how you feel.

What I didn’t Like

One thing I didn’t like about the supplement was that I had to take it two times a day, with meals because that meant I had to remember to take them, and this can be difficult when you’re starting a new routine. Of course this is the case with many supplements and since they’re only capsules, you just need to make sure that you have some water in hand to get the pills down, and you shouldn’t have any difficulties making the change. Still, it might be nice if they came up with something that could magically be transported into the body, although the likelihood of this happening is slim to none.

Another issue I had with the product was that it wasn’t a miracle diet pill, but to be honest, I’ve invested in so many of those that just don’t work that I could have probably paid to have a thinner version of myself cloned by now. The product works to get your body functioning more optimally, but that means that you need to make healthy adjustments to your lifestyle to benefit optimally from the product.


When you buy one bottle of Pro-X10, it will cost you $49.95, although when you opt to purchase 2, you get 1 for free and when you buy 4, you get two for free. The company is currently running a special that allows you to get the Free 53 Fat Burning Smoothies & Milkshakes Recipe Book for free, when it will usually cost you about $39.95. Altogether, I’d say this was a very fair price for what you’re getting, especially when you buy 2 or more of the bottles, since it gets you another for free.

What I liked most about purchasing the product was that it came with a 1 year money back guarantee, which means that I had more than enough time to decide whether or not I liked the product before I made a decision about whether to return it. This alone just goes to show that the company isn’t in it just to make a quick buck; they’re in it for the long term and the benefit of their clients.

The Verdict

Pro-X10 focuses on promoting weight loss and overall health and well being by providing the body with much needed probiotics that aid in the optimal functioning of the gastrointestinal system. I like that the company doesn’t make any big promises about having its clients shed 20 pounds in two days without lifting a finger, because in this day and age, that just isn’t a reality.

The product is healthy, natural and gentle, which means that it gives you the chance to make changes that will help you on the road to health and well being. Overall, I’d recommend this product to anyone who is looking to make sure that they are as squeaky clean and healthy on the inside as they are on the outside.

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