Gadgets Playing An Important Role In Our Health


With the electronic era in full swing, even our health and fitness are influenced by it. We use gadgets to test our cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar and we even count the amount of steps we walk with a pedometer. On the television infomercials we see the latest and greatest exercise machines ensuring slimming and fitness. Exactly how much do we rely on these gadgets and do they really deliver what they promise?

Doctor Sanjay Gupta is the Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN and CBS News. He regularly appears on CNN and other television shows to talk about health, gadgets and the latest trends. Recently the health and fitness website, Everyday Health, announced collaboration with Mr Gupta in an effort to increase the volume of visitors to their website. His presence will include various areas with certain main topics.

The Professionals on Gadgets

Speaking at the Consumer Electronic Show for 2013, also home to the Digital Health Summit, Dr Gupta discussed the latest gadgets on the market for health and fitness. The CES event was spread over four days and underlined the need and interest in consumers for devices that monitor their progress. Many top electronic companies, including Phillips and GeoPalz introduced new health concepts. Phillips will be promoting their Lifeline product, while GeoPalz will focus on their Head injuring skull that can detect various head injuries to monitor brain functioning and possible damage after an accident. The Verizon, Lifecomm, also promoted a personal emergency response system as part of the technology market according to a report from Amber Bouman.

And, “Electronics giant Philips has updated the idea of an alert system with its Lifeline, which can be worn around the neck as a pendant and features two-way communication to help seniors in an emergency. Lifecomm, a Verizon partner, was another company promoting a personal emergency response solution.”

Effects On The Consumer

Consumers have become dependent on gadgets and electronics, even for health. The question is to what extend we need it, when is it life altering and when is it simply a gadget. Here are some of the new inventions shown at the CES convention of 2013. It will be interesting to see which items move forward, and which ones stay in the showrooms. The Withings Smart Body Analysers is more than just your ordinary bathroom scale. It also calculates your body fat percentage and monitors your heart rate. It includes other high technology features, as reported by Brian Bennet for CNET.

The Fitbit Flex is an improvement from their previous product. This wristband monitors your steps counted, calories burned, distance travelled and other features. It synchronises to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. Here are some of the other handy capabilities.

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

We have to accept that the era of electronic health and fitness are here to stay for possibly a very long time. Whether the product stays on the market and evolves and adapt to the changing electronic world. If we do not want our grandchildren to teach us how to switch on our bathroom scales and then read the information on our personal computers, we should stay in touch the latest software and technology. Learn the applications available for your cell phone, androids and iPad as this will help you figure out how not only use the fitness equipment, but also your Smartphone or android.

Technology can be both negative and positive. By testing the products, you will know if you found the best product to suit your needs.

The only to not be left behind, is to stay with the mainstream. Many years ago a home gymnasium was a weird invention, heart monitors while exercising and many others. Even the hula hoop was a new adventure in fitness, but is still in use today. Be open minded and be prepared for what will still be available in twenty years.


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