5 Foods That Can Help Boost Infertility


Have you tried making a baby several times with every attempt resulting in failure? That is okay. Infertility is a very common problem among couples. But do not fret just yet. This is because there is that slight chance for you to conceive someday in the future. In order to increase those chances, you might want to indulge in these super foods.

  • Banana – The banana is considered to be one of the best fruits out there. Not only is it known for providing energy and enhancing the mood for sexual activity but it is very rich in vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is what the body needs huge amounts of so that poor egg development can be prevented.
  • Tofu – Instead of red meat, which can hinder you from getting pregnant, why not go for tofu? Tofu is an excellent meat alternative and it can provide you loads of iron. Iron can help improve ovulation as well as develop egg health.
  • Mackerel – Does your husband love fish? If not, then he might want to start loving it now. Eat mackerel from time to time with your husband. Mackerel is rich in good fatty acids and these can help prevent improper maturation of the sperm.
  • Almonds – You might want to snack on almonds especially since it is rich in Vitamin E. Lack of vitamin E can lead to infertility. Also, almonds are very rich in antioxidants. For your husband, almonds can offer phytosterol; they promote testosterone production.
  • Eggs – You also want to eat eggs. About three eggs per week would do. Egg is rich in Vitamin D. Eat adequate amounts of it because most infertile women turned out to have a deficiency in Vitamin D.

Aside from diet, fertility can also be achieved through other non-drug means. These include acupuncture. Acupuncture is part of Chinese traditional medicine and has always been considered effective when boosting fertility. Look for a clinic that offers acupuncture for fertility in your area.


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